Tuesday, November 5, 2019

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Thank you all for helping with the Medieval Faire! It was a great success! You truly make that event possible!  

No School Monday

There is no school on Monday, November 11th to honor Veteran’s Day. When you are out or at the airport, please allow your child to tell a soldier – “thank you for your service!” It truly makes a veteran’s or soldiers day.

Thanksgiving Feast

 Kindergartners can dress as either Native Americans or Pilgrims and enjoy a Thanksgiving Feast on Tuesday November 26th from 11:00-11:45.  Parents and Grandparents are welcome to come and observe (only Kinders will be eating however). It is a good time to meet other parents. No one needs to be fingerprinted to join us, you just have to sign in at the front office and come back to the MPR. We will need food items and other supplies for this feast and  we will need help getting children into costume and getting the feast set up and cleaned up. If you can help, please sign up: https://signup.com/go/eTArgZg

Field Trip

The Kindergartens will enjoy their first field trip of the year by going to the Herberger Theater 222 E. Monroe Street in downtown Phoenix to watch the fairy tale, “Ella Enchanted” on Friday, December 6, 2019 at 10:30.  After the play, the students will go to Tumbleweed Park in Chandler (745 E Germann Rd) for a sack lunch. Our regular dress code applies and every student is ‘full day’. We will need 8 chaperones. Every student and chaperone will need to pack a disposable lunch and disposable water (with their name clearly written on both). Those parents who are unable to chaperone are invited to join us at the park for lunch around noon. We should be back to the school around 1:10. Students cannot leave from the park but they can be signed out at the front office after we get back. We are looking forward to seeing a live play. The sign up link will show up in the Headmaster’s Update soon BUT THE LINK WILL NOT WORK UNTIL THE SPECIFIC TIME AND DATE GIVEN. It is usually LIVE after 8 pm one evening, a few weeks before the event. I will let you know.

Kindergarten Project

Kindergartners will be studying the animals of the Arctic and Antarctica in January so we will be incorporating this into our Kindergarten Project. Each student will be assigned an animal on November 15th. They will write a brief report and make a 3D animal to present to the class on January 8th or 9th. This is how it works: with your help and books from the Library, your child will write a rough draft (only 3 sentences) of facts about their animal. Then they will use their best Spalding letter formations to make the final copy of the 3 sentences and a bibliography (1 internet source and 1 book required). This written portion is DUE on December 16th. Then with your help, your child will make a 3D model of their animal (think water bottle covered with fur or Styrofoam balls with felt). The 3D animal is not due until January 8 but if you would like to have this project completely done before break, bring the animal in by December 20th.  On January 8 and 9, each student will present his report to the class, explain how (s)he made the model and answer any questions that the class might have about that animal. It is really a fun thing to do – but even more fun when everything is done ahead of time so that there isn’t too much last minute stress and no extra work over the break.

Monday, October 28, 2019

Upcoming Events

Due to a computer error at the Higley Center for the Performing Arts, we have been informed this week that we can no longer have our concert on November 13th. However, the Center was able to give us the week before, November 6th. Higley Center apologizes for the mistake. Nothing else about the concert will be different except the date.

Times and Location (please note student call times): Wednesday, November 6th, 2019  
Kindergarten, First, and Second Grades - 5:30 PM 
students arrive at 5:10pm 

Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grades - 6:45 PM 
students arrive at 6:25pm  

Higley Center for the Performing Arts
4132 E. Pecos Rd.  Gilbert, AZ 85295

The concert, while a week earlier, will still be wonderful! Please email/call me if you have any questions.

Students must wear black on bottom, white on top. Black shoes, black pants (black skirt option for girls), white shirt, and a tie for boys (bowtie is fine).

Character Day

Wednesday is character day! I am so excited to see all of the costumes the students will be wearing. Thank you to all the parent volunteers who will be coming in to class and who donated supplies. Please remember no pop-culture costumes. 

Parent Volunteers - Reading

Thank you to all the parents who have volunteered to read with the students in the morning. Unfortunately, I am going to have to change the time parents can come in. Due to scheduling conflicts, parents may not come in until after 9:25 (morning specials). For the half day parents, I am hoping 10:45 - 11:45 will work for you. This way, you can go home just as the half day students are leaving. I am sorry for the inconvenience.  

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

September 30, 2019

Language Arts:
This week in Language Arts we read The Tortoise and the Hare and the Ant and the Grasshopper. When we ask our scholars if the ant should share his food, the majority said yes. One student said it best, everyone deserves a second chance.  It was a great discussion about earning our keep but also being mindful of people in need. Talk about how the Hare was slow and steady and won the race.

Thomas Edison is a great lesson in perseverance. Ask your child to tell you all the inventions that Edison created (the light bulb, movie camera, vote counting machine) and ask him/her which one Edison called 'his baby' (the phonograph). Today the students created their own machines and presented their inventions to the class by using the overhead projector. My favorite invention was one that cleaned the whole house - people would pay big money for that invention!

The students learned the life cycle of the frog and made an excellent Frog book. I just loved the drawings! Please recognize how much work went into that book!

The students took a test over counting sets of objects correctly. This seems easy but we are building a number foundation, vitally important that students know how to count accurately.

The students have learned the first 26 phonograms. They will have a cumulative test over them starting next week.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

This week in Kindergarten:

Language Arts: 

The students have been working on beginning sounds by matching sounds to pictures or phonograms. They have been learning weather word vocabulary and read fun books like, "Pickles to Pittsburgh" and "Thundercakes".


Numbers to 10, forward, backward, fill in the missing numbers, we are building up number sense. Usually children are asked to 'count to.." but we are now asking them to count up from a number other than 1 and one more or one less.


Me on the Map - how can you be many places at once? You are all the time - you are in at school, in Chandler, in Arizona, in The United States of America, on the continent of North America, on the planet Earth... The students made a wonderful flip book to remind them of this concept.


The students have been talking about the idea of Autumn and Harvest. They made a great book about where our food comes from called, "Farm to Table". We have been talking about the four seasons and how as the weather changes, we have to wear different, warmer, clothes and we do different activities.


We have learned 19 of the first 26 phonograms. Your child is now accountable to form these phonograms correctly when they write. It is remarkable how much the handwriting has improved. You should be very proud.